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Fragrance Forum

 The annual gathering of global leaders, creatives and experts in fragrance, olfaction and neuroscience, hosted by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) UK.

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Royal Institution, London  |  19th October 2023

Highlights of the event can be found below.

IFRA UK Fragrance Forum 2023

Rhian See

Welcome to the Fragrance Forum.

Dr Stuart Firestein
Former Chair of Colombia University's Department of Biological Science

Overview of the day and scene-setting around smell and memory.

Dr Thomas Hummel
Technische Universität 

Dresden, Germany

Olfactory function
How it works and what happens when it goes wrong.

Professor Maria Larsson

Chair in Perception and Psychophysics at Stockholm University Department of Psychology

Odour memory

An emotional time machine.

Martina Bianchini

International Fragrance Association (IFRA)


Welcome to the afternoon session and an update on IFRA's 50th anniversary.

Gill Smith

The Perfume Shop


Jo Emes
Alzheimer's Research UK

Scent memories
Creating a £1 million partnership.

Creative session


Céline Herbette, CPL Aromas
Kyle Fearn, Redolescent

Mabelle Ali Ramia, Olfactive Studio Mabelleorama

Famila Lelalova, CPL Aromas

Hosted by
Lizzie Ostrom, 
Olfactory Consultant

Panel session


Dr Stuart Firestein
Dr Thomas Hummel

Professor Maria Larsson

Lisa Hipgrave




Closing remarks

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